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twenty-two: 60 icons of people

60 icons of people doing people-things
Credit at will, as always. Comments always appreciated.

I know it's not much, but my money's on youCollapse )


interlude: 104 watchers!

I didn't expect it to happen so fast, but as promised, we've gone over 100 watchers and I'm celebrating with a request post.

From now until September 13, I'll be fulfilling requests. Provide a picture, ask me to make an icon of one of your interests, ask for something to be personalized, whatever you want. One request per person, please.


interlude: check-in & update

1. We're at 95 watchers! Once we hit 100 watchers, I'll do another special request post. Stay tuned.

2. Sets in the works: Halloween, scenery (cities, moons, and forests), animals (deer and wolves), Tori Amos songs, Francesca Lia Block, and more text from Scott Pilgrim. Any other suggestions? What would you like to see a set of?

twenty: 30 pagan icons & 20 autumn icons

30 pagan icons & 20 autumn icons
Credit at will, as always. Please credit hauntingsaudade if you use #26.

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eighteen: 50 A Softer World icons

50 A Softer World icons, by request.
Credit at will, as always, but please credit A Softer World for the art.

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fifteen: 50 window bases

50 icons of windows/people in windows
Credit at will, as always.

You whisper 'come to me', and I always willCollapse )